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Weihrauch bei Brustkrebs /Hirnmetastasen
« am: 29. Dezember 2008, 08:15 »
In den USA gab es ganz erstaunliche Fälle in der Behandlung von Brustkrebs mit Hirnmetastasen mit Weihrauch.
In mehreren Fällen verschwanden sie regelrecht.

In diesem Film, ganz am Anfang, spricht und demonstriert Dr. Flavin
über boswellia und Hirnmetastasen.

Sie zeigt auch Bilder:

Ich denke, dass der Glaube ganz entscheidend ist. Wenn man die Dosis sieht, die die Patienten

Bekommen haben, dann war sie sehr gering.

hier ein link, wo das ganze am rechten Rand gut erklärt ist:

---> auf dieser Seite rechts oben auf "brain mets" klicken !

CAM Interventions
The gum-resin of the Ayurvedic plant Boswellia serrata, otherwise known as Frankincense, and an active lipoxygenase (LOX) inhibitor with some clinical benefit in osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, appears also to be of value in brain metastases, as the (arachidonate) LOX pathway is implicated in brain tumor growth, via the production of leukotrienes which are brain tumor stimulative as well as inductive of brain edema53: Dana Flavin at the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research presents a case report of a breast cancer patient who had not shown improvement after standard therapy for multiple brain metastases, which were successfully reversed using boswellia. This is consonant with previous demonstrations of boswellia exhibiting activity against brain tumors, by it would appear the potentiation of apoptosis induced by TNF and chemotherapeutic agents, as well as by the inhibition of TNF-induced invasion and RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis and suppression of NF-kB activation and consequent down-regulation of MMP-9 and adhesion proteins…………

Hier ist der Fall detaillierter geschildert:
Last year, Dr. Dana Flavin at the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research in Greenwich, CT, reported on a remarkable case of a woman with breast cancer whose multiple brain metastases showed no improvement after two weeks of Xeloda and brain radiation.2 She was then started on boswellia 800 mg three times a day. (Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is an herbal supplement with anti-inflammatory properties and is generally available through retail and online health food stores.) Ten weeks later, a repeat brain CT showed complete resolution of the brain metastases. Impressively, she has been maintained on boswellia for the past four years with no recurrent brain metastasis.

Subsequently, Dr. Flavin has had two more women with brain metastases greatly improve using the same regimen. Reportedly, Harvard's Dana Farber Cancer Center is seeking approval for a clinical trial to study boswellia use in this setting.
Die Ohren steif halten !